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Formators East Asia


Formators’ workshop on manual for formation August 24-sept 3

formator team aeSince last 24th till 3th of September the East Asia Formators team (Marissa, Marita, Melania, Bernadeta, Selfia and Anastasia) together with the general prefect of formation Jolanta Kafka had their workshop for the project-manual of the formation for East Asia province. Sr Jolanta at the beginning days she gave the formators some inputs based on the materials elaborated by general Team on Formation on December 2015 in Rome. Indeed very helpful for the formators to enlighten, reflect, and share their own experience in the mission of formation. Each day was begun with prayer guided by Jolanta on key words for formators: listen, complacency, be born again and other attitudes in formation process. I helped to start afresh the workshop each day with more inspiration and inner joy. It was possible to elaborate a big part of the task yet still we should complete it. The sisters express heartfelt gratitude to Jolanta for helping the formators and to the beloved Province for all the provisions both materially and spiritually to pursue this dream; to all the formators thanks for the dedication for this mission.

Anniversary of Foundation


docu-ConstA beautiful image, the introductory page of the Constitutions of 1869 (copy of Reus in the handwriting of Mother Gertrudis Barril), which speaks of the “logotype” designed by Archbishop Claret and about his role as Founder and promoter of the first foundations.

The seesaw of letters, long conversations and dialogues, especially between Mother Paris and Bishop Claret, have marked the early years in Cuba until the papal permission arrived to celebrate this day, August 25, 1855, when they saw the culmination of efforts in the Foundation Act. Conversations and dialogues as the way of God to break the path for His will along the history.

Commemorating the Congregational anniversaries in these days, with joy and gratitude we are following the paths opened by Claret and Paris. Happy Festival to all the Sisters and to all those who share the same mission!


New mission in Nigeria

The month of August is full of Congregational memories and anniversaries. Today we commemorize the Marthyrdom of Barbastro claretian community, recalling their sacrifice and faithfulness to Christ.

We too share the good news on the mission in Aondona - central Nigeria.


12th of August is a historic date for our mission in Nigeria. The sisters Aimee Bwala Bwala and Felicia Kwaghvihi came to the house of the new community in Aondona - Benue state (Diocese of Makurdi) in central Nigeria. Soon two other sisters come from Congo to form together the community. High school founded by the diocese will be the first field of education and evangelization in the village Aondona. It is an urgency because the children had only primary education. With the help of teachers from other diocesan schools there will start the classes. There are already some enrolled to start school in September and the number is growing every day. The second field is the pastoral in the parish and formation of catechists. Many people are still traditional African religions followers and many polygamous families. Their life is very simple. They are supported by agriculture.
Everything is new: the place, language and culture, apostolate. We need your prayers, we especially ask the elderly and sick sisters. Please do remember us in your prayers to listen to what the Spirit guide us by his ways of bringing the light of the Gospel to the end of the world, where our work is more urgent and effective.
Aondona puebloAondona village
Anna Daszkowska rmi


Announcement of XVII General Chapter


With joy, the Superior General  Ma Soledad Galeron ANNOUNCED the celebration of the next XVII General Chapter which will be in Rome from July 18 to August 12 of 2017. From July 16 we have started the process of preparation to the Chapter under the protection of Mary, Star of the Sea. entrusting to her our new sailing towards this event of transcendental importance in the life of the Congregation and of each sister.

This closes the period of reorganization of the Congregational structures in responce to the call of previouse Chapter.  The map of  Entities has new configuration, embracing:

Mission Province of Africa (Congo, Cameroon, Nigeria)

Virgin of Guadalupe Mission Province (Cuba, USA, Dominican Rep. Honduras, Salvador, Mexico) 

The Province of East Asia (Japan, Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, and Timor)

South Asian Delegation (India and Sri Lanka)

Province of Europe (North and South Spain, Italy and Poland)

Province of Latin America (Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Panama and Peru)

In this moments of our intensive preparation all members and collaborators are invited to pray and contribute in the reflection: Lord, what do you want from me and the congregation at this moment of history? How to fulfill our apostolic vocation in the troubled political and socio-cultural reality in which we live? The path will gradually get collours of visions and

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Christmas is Hope..2008NAVIDAD 017

Is the revelation of the tenderness of God..

Is his Consolation 

God opens in Jesus the door of Mercy...and it will never be closed ...

Let us fear not the embrace of the tenderness and compassion of God and  let us be signs of this love where we are..

May our communities be places where we are embraced by such a love.

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From Colombia

Colombiasasaima dic 15 Following the Process of Reorganization of the Congregation, the Leadership Teams of: Colombia, Venezuela and Argentina gathered in Sasaima (Colombia) from 14 – 16 of December, accompanied by Soledad Galeron Superior General. Build up the sense of sharing in joined was our goal in the unification of the Entities of South America. The work consisted of reflections, studies and prayer was an important step towards the creation of the new entity that is rising.


Our Patronness' day Mary Immaculate

Inmaculada 2015

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